Mitchell Price

English Teacher

(334) 566-1852

Courses Taught:

English/Language Arts Middle School

Mitchell Price


I am originally from Louisiana and after a lot of very boring things happened, I met my wife. She was good enough to help support me while I finished my degree in Hattiesburg, MS. Right before I was to graduate she applied for a marketing position in her alma mater of Troy University, dazzled them in the interview, and got the job so Troy-bound were the Price's! Since our moving here in December, I have been substituting while trying to find a permanent school to call home. After some let downs, God put me where I was suppose to be: Goshen High School. I am exciting beyond measure to teach my students and help them see the fascination in English that I have come to love over the years. I am always able and willing to talk with parents or students about ANYTHING going on in my classroom so feel free to reach out to me at any time. I look forward to growing old and being forced to retire from Goshen High and I hope you are willing to go on this adventure with me.